Did you know 67% of new parents experience a decline in relationship satisfaction?
The Bringing Baby Home program is a researched based workshop that helps prepare couples for the transition to parenthood.
Here are some of the benefits of attending this program:

  • Fewer mothers showed symptoms of postpartum depression, the baby blues, and other indicators of psychopathology such as anxiety.

  • Fewer fathers showed signs of depression, anxiety
    and other psychopathology after the baby was born.

  • Parents who took the BBH program demonstrated better co-parenting abilities and babies expressed more smiling and laughter during family play

  • Less language delays in one-year-old infants

  • Fathers reported being more involved in parenting and feeling more satisfied and appreciated for their parental contributions.

  • The quality of father-baby interactions was more positive

  • Couples reported high stable relationship quality and less hostility during conflict discussions 

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